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Linear Ball Screw Servo Motor Actuator.

The Integrated Ball Screws are available in the following diameters,  16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm with leads of 2.5mm to 25mm. 
It can generate forces from 500lbs up to 8000lbs. It can travel at speeds up to 2000mm per second.   
This product can be used in place of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. 
This product can be configured as a linear actuator in place of a Ball Screw Slide or Belt Driven Slide / actuator.

Operation as a Cylinder
As an electric cylinder it does not require an air supply or hydraulic power pack.  The Servo Motor Actuator is useful in applications when air, hydraulic fluid or noise is not desired.  The Servo Motor Actuator provides Fast, Accurate and Repeatable positioning which is difficult to obtain when using cylinders.  Two Servo Motor Actuators can be electronically synchronized together to lift or push simultaneously.

Operation as an Actuator
Brief Overview of Typical Ball Screw Actuators and main benefits of the Linear Servo Motor Actuator is as follows:

In typical Ball screw applications you fix the ball nut and spin the screw.

1. The main disadvantage of a long ball screw is that the slide cannot move at high speeds due to the screw oscillations or whip.

2. This situation causes vibration and can also bend the ball screw.

3. In order to move at higher speeds you must use a ball nut with a high lead in order to reduce the speed of the screw. This in turn reduces the  available force.

The Linear Ball Screw Servo Motor Actuator provides High Force and High Speeds with Ball screw Precision, Accuracy and Repeatability.

1. The main benefit is due to the ball screw being fixed at both ends while the Ball Nut rotates.

2. The secondary benefit is that coupling are not required which increase accuracy and repeatability.

3. Additional benefits: Integrated into the frame of the machine, self contained small footprint compared to other technologies.  

4. Available in custom lengths up to 3 Meters /118 inches / 9.84 feet.

The Linear Ball Screw Servo Motor Actuator provides the High Speeds of a belt drive with the high forces, Precision, Accuracy and Repeatability of a Ball screw Slide.  


Operation as a Dual Carriage Actuator
Due to the Ball Screw being fixed, a Unique operational advantage can be obtained. Several Linear Servo Motors can operate either independently or synchronized as they share the same Ball Screw.  
Typical application:
Two Linear Servo motors are used in the Y axis of a CNC Gantry woodworking machinery with the following benefits: 
-Increased production, double production parts, two independent machining motions on a single work piece with independent tool changing.  


General Information / theory of operation
The Linear Ball Screw Servo Motor Actuator is a brushless servo motor with a hollow shaft design to accommodate ball nuts and a ball screws made to standard DIN69051. The Linear Ball Screw Servo Motor Actuator or
servoactuator converts the rotation of the motor into a linear movement via ball nut with ball screw assembly. The ball nut is attached to the rotor of the servo motor and rotates with it.  The ball screw
passes through the rotor and remains stationary, as it is fixed at both ends. A linear bearing with guide or rail assembly is also required to support and guide the servoactuator and load.  
The linear servoactuator does not include the ball nut or the ball screw.  The Ball screw and ball nut can be purchased as an option with the servoactuator. When choosing the ball nut please pay attention to dynamic and static load ratings.
The linear servoactuator does not include the linear bearing with guide or rail assembly.  The linear bearing with guide or rail assembly can be purchased as an option with the servo actuator.

p/n: BSP07M

Product Information available for download:
BSP Data sheet - 230vac windings are available
BSD Data Sheet - 230vac windings are available
Ball Nut Lead & Screw BSD-BSP PRICING Qty 1-5
BSP_Step files 07_10_14
BSD_Step files 10_14
BALL NUT_Step files 16mm_25mm_32mm

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